Client onboarding, Financial (Acroforms)


Development of eForms solution using Acroforms for new client on-boarding

Evenlogic recently provided a solution to a major financial organisation to support the onboarding of their new financial trading clients. A set of legal onboarding agreements had already been prepared by lawyers and required a significant amount of client-specific information to be entered by clients. A key requirement was to convert the agreements to electronic forms so that intending new clients could complete and submit them electronically. A further requirement was to develop the necessary server-side functionality.

It was decided to base the solution on Evenlogic’s PDF eForms technology which uses Acroforms. The static nature and layout of the legal agreements made this a particularly suitable approach rather than an approach based on LiveCycle. The project also had to meet tight deadlines, so a further requirement was for a low risk solution that could be developed rapidly. This again favoured an eForms/Acroforms solution. In the event, the solution was developed successfully and deployed on time. It operates as follows:

A user downloads from a central site copies of the forms that they need to complete and fills them in electronically using Adobe Reader. After successful validation, the user can select a ‘submit by email’ button on each form and this causes the data to be extracted from the form to a file and for the file to be attached automatically to an email. When the email is sent, server software processes the received email and transfers the data to a SQL Server database for processing. A read-only version of each completed form is then created server-side and emailed back to the user as confirmation of receipt of the submission.