Client onboarding, Banking (LiveCycle)


Development of dynamic LiveCycle application forms for opening new bank accounts

Evenlogic has performed a large number of client onboarding projects that have involved the design and development of LiveCycle PDF forms for multinational banks.

Most of these projects have been concerned with opening business or personal bank accounts replacing processes used previously that involved a multiplicity of legacy paper forms. The choice as to which parts of a form are required to be completed when a new applicant opens a bank account can often depend on various aspects of the financial circumstances of the applicant; for this reason LiveCycle solutions, which support dynamic electronic forms, have proved ideal.

As a user fills in a form, sections of it that are hidden from view initially become visible depending on selections that the applicant makes. What starts typically as a single page form soon expands to a few pages and, in some cases, to a very large number of pages (sometimes a hundred pages plus). Individual fields can also expand to accommodate the amount of text entered and re-pagination occurs automatically. Dynamic help text can also be revealed as required.

The approach has proved highly effective in streamlining the onboarding process and has significantly improved the clients’ experiences.