Collecting information (field workers’ iPads)


PDF forms solution enables field engineers to collect information on their iPads

We recently developed a PDF electronic forms solution that enables surveyors and engineers visiting customers’ sites to enter data they collect on-site into PDF electronic forms on their iPads.

The solution is for Rainbow Water Services (RWS), a UK company that specialises in water management and control and associated health and safety matters. RWS’s services include Legionella risk assessments and regular monitoring of cooling systems and hot and cold water systems at domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

The forms solution uses Readdle’s PDF Expert app on the iPads and supports a range of forms including technical service and laboratory reports, risk assessments and order and delivery documentation. The forms incorporate JavaScript code, pre-population of specified fields, drop-down lists and data validation.

When an engineer has completed a form, the RWS customer is able to apply a signature to it electronically, at which point the form is made read-only and saved. Copies are subsequently emailed from the iPads to the customer and to RWS’s office for dissemination, analysis and processing. The system lends itself well to compliance with Health and Safety Executive requirements to retain documentation for five years.