Mobile LiveCycle


With the release of LiveCycle ES4 in March 2013, XFA forms developed using Adobe LiveCycle Designer can be rendered as HTML5 files (as an alternative to PDF files). These can then be deployed as forms on mobile devices and tablets, such as iPads and Androids, that support HTML5 browsers.

Besides being an attractive feature for new users, this capability enables organisations that have invested in LiveCycle forms already to capitalise further on their investment.

Evaluation and Deployment Service for HTML5 LiveCycle forms
Evenlogic now provides a service to help organisations evaluate and deploy this new capability. Typically this involves a short initial exercise during which an evaluation copy of LiveCycle ES4 is used to render an XFA form as a sample HTML5 form. For organisations that have LiveCycle forms already, the sample form can be based on a subset of an existing form. The sample HTML5 form is then deployed on a mobile device and used to:

  • Compare its compatibility and consistency with its PDF counterpart (if appropriate).
  • Establish what types of modification are necessary to be made to the form.
  • Ascertain the form’s usability in a practical sense (for instance, its interaction with backend software and its behaviour at times when no network connection is available).

The evaluation exercise helps highlight potential issues that may be encountered when deploying the operational HTML5 forms and provides a basis for estimating the likely costs for preparing these. It also helps clarify what backend LiveCycle server software products and licences will be required for the applications concerned. After the evaluation exercise, Evenlogic consultants can continue to work with the organisation on deployment and support of the forms and the application as required.

Further Information
Further information on the capability of Adobe LiveCycle Mobile Forms is provided in an Adobe article at

If you would like to discuss particular requirements, please contact John Jarvis at Evenlogic on 020 8876 8878.