Reference Projects


Projects performed by Evenlogic using Microsoft’s .NET / Visual Studio / SQL Server technologies include:

American Institute for Foreign Studies
For many years, the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) has been organizing study abroad programmes for young people helping more than one million participants realize their dream of international education and cultural exchange. The better known AIFS programmes include Camp America and Au Pair. Over a number of years, we have worked with AIFS on developing web-based solutions that allow applicants wishing to work on these programmes to perform all aspects of their applications process online. The solutions are based on Microsoft .NET technology, using Visual Studio, C# and SQL Server.

The Engineering Council
The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession and holds the national register of over 235,000 UK Engineering professionals. For eight years, Evenlogic was retained by the Engineering Council to support and further develop the membership register database and associated applications. The system operates on a SQL Server database and is necessarily quite complex as it has to cater for members having multiple memberships at different institutions often at different levels with different rights and obligations. It supports a range of applications and operates on virtual servers in a Microsoft .NET environment. Most of the applications are written in C#.

Electronic Forms projects incorporating .NET technolgy
Over the past seven or eight years Evenlogic has performed online PDF electronic forms projects for a range of customers using the company’s electronic forms technology (called Evenlogic eForms) and also Adobe’s LiveCycle forms technology. For many of these projects, the company has developed server-side .NET software written in either C# or Visual Basic and incorporating SQL Server or Access Engine databases and, in some cases, eCommerce payment systems. We also use these technologies in-house on the development and support of our and myrevalidation forms online forms public service websites.