Current LiveCycle Users


LiveCycle users who wish to migrate their existing LiveCycle applications to AEM Forms
There are two distinct implementation of AEM Forms:

  • AEM Forms on Java EE (sometimes Adobe refer to this as JEE) platform
  • AEM Forms on OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) platform

AEM forms on Java EE is effectively a re-branded version of LiveCycle. It includes all the legacy LiveCycle services and runs on an application server (such as JBoss). It is the platform that is normally used by organisations wishing to move their existing LiveCycle XFA forms solutions to AEM Forms.

There is some Adobe information on upgrading from LiveCycle ES to AEM 6.4 Forms at:

Please contact Evenlogic for further information or to discuss your requirements.

LiveCycle users not ready to migrate to AEM Forms but wish to deploy more LiveCycle forms
Please call Evenlogic on 020 8876 8878 or email summarising your requirements.